YLS Testimonials

I wanted to say thank you to you because the training I did with you has extremely helped me to become the collegiate athlete I am today. I just wanted to tell you that because of your training I am playing soccer at the college level. Thank you so much Yuri for all you have done for me. I hope to get more opportunities for me to train with you. Thank you so much again!
Rachel B.

I think the kids are lucky to have YLS close to them in Rochester. Your teaching of good habits and techniques are fundamental to developing confident players at a young age.
Tim W.

My daughter Emma takes  private lessons with Yuri. She has done this for about a year. Her confidence and skill has improved tremendously. She now has the confidence and skill set to continually improve, and is a major asset to her club team. We are fortunate to have Yuri in the Rochester soccer community.
Lynn D.

Our 13 and 16 year old girls  "can't wait" to attend YLS Academy, Camps, and working with Yuri in small group or one to one training. The level of skills, focus, and game knowledge YLS has provided has allowed them to enjoy and compete at the school, Premier, ODP, and Region One league level. I would highly recommend YLS programs to any parent that wants their children motivated to get better, look forward to putting in hard work, and enjoy watching them be rewarded for their efforts.
Hugh L.

We love Yuri's academies and camps. It's great for my kids to work with college Coaches and have Yuri's knowledge and experience of playing in the MLS. It can be difficult keeping my 3 boys motivated to practice,but they are always eager to come to Yuri practice. We would recommend YLS to any player/parent who is serious about improving their game.
Simon W.

YLS training environment is both fun and challenging.  Players need a coach that has a passion for teaching soccer to kids, and you do a great job. The focus on ball control for my daughter has made an impact on her speed of play. Maya also really likes the ladders for coordination and foot speed.
Rod P.

I just wanted to extend a compliment to you in that I have seen a real difference in how Maddie is playing on the field, since attending your YLS Academy. She seems to have really sharpened her skills, gained some power with her kicking and is less intimidated on the field!!! She really enjoys your clinic and that is nice to see!!! Thanks again!! 
Karen C. 

Just wanted to write a quick note to say thank you for working with my boys this week.  Its nice to see you get so much out of them...I appreciate any time you can make for them...I really think it benefits them so much.
Sam B.

Thank you, Yuri. My daughter really likes your program.  She says (in a positive way) that you work them really hard. As a fairly new parent to the soccer program in general, I am very happy that the YLS program is offered. 
Chris and Christy A.

Brittany has attended one training session with YLS and I thought it was very helpful. She's signed up for another now. Your sessions are fast paced, tough and I think they get the girls in good shape. Overall though, I think Brittany has become a much more skilled and aggressive player by attending your soccer camps.
Karen H.

I just wanted to let you know that Bri is 'Really' enjoying your training sessions and she looks forward to them. From my perspective, I can see her improvement and confidence. Specifically, her defense (she's more physical). Do you know what is really great? Brittany wants to improve on her own, and I'm not pressuring her. It's something she wants to do. She even asked me to get her a training ladder to practice on her own.
George Y.

I just want to let you know that Brittany really looks forward to your YLS training and enjoys working with you. I like the YLS coaching method and approach as well. Very organized with high intensity.
George B.

I have been very impressed with what YLS has to offer in the training sessions.  My kids are not only very excited to attend, they are eager to learn from your experiences.
Dan P.

I really enjoy the YLS Academies. I think they are a great way to help my soccer touch and build new techniques. I also have fun at YLS!
Logan K.

The coaches at YLS clinics and academies are REAL coaches--not high school or college players. Individual training sessions are a balance of conditioning and skills work.  Our son has trained weekly with Yuri for the past year, and his skills and conditioning have improved dramatically.
Kathy D.